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The 2013 Danbury Racearena Reunion will be Sunday September 22nd from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. at the Danbury P.A.L. Building 35 Hayestown Rd, Danbury.

Our Mission

 S.N.Y.R.A. Reunion objective is to deliver an enjoyable and memorable reunion each year, for the drivers, crew members and the loyal race fans.  Each year we strive to put on a better show than the previous years. We accomplish this by listening to our members and the fans that patronize the reunions. Over the years itís been a challenging and rewarding experience, dealing with personality issues and the economy. The donations help pay for the show expenses and in recent years we have donated some of the proceeds to Hole in the wall gang, Victory Junction, local contributions and S.N.Y.R.A. members in need. Some people like to call this gathering a party or to be politically correct we call it a family reunion of the S.N.Y.R.A.  Our commitment as a committee is to preserving the S.N.Y.R.A. history and legacy for our future generations.

Our web site is dedicated to the drivers and fans that made the Southern New York Racing Association such an important part of all our lives. It will encompass the entire history of the S.N.Y.R.A. club, not only from its long history at the Danbury Fair Grounds Racearena in Danbury CT but also at other tracks where the club had its origins like: Brewster, Arlington, Somers, Bridgeport and others. This is a fan friendly site and we want to show the cars not only from the track photographers view but from the view of the fans. We want your personal pictures that you are willing to share with us and others. We are looking for pictures taken from the grand stands, in the pits, outside the track, at home with your cars in the garage, anything to show a different view of the races. Click Here for a few samples for now. We already have thousands of pictures available to us from the track photographers (over 2,500 and counting) but we need your personal input.

The web site will be maintained by the SNYRA reunion committee members.

email: snyrareunions@sbcglobal.net